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TUESDAY: JUNE 26, 2001

Subject: "Asian Pacific American Musicians & Artists

Let me ask you, what if CMM or EMI came out with an Asian hip-hop artist - demand or no demand?

N'Soul Phil
More than 82.5% of the releases scan less than 1000 unites retail - according to Billboard

That's not true as long as you have talent and can work the road.

Don't Listen to Me
EMI would never come out with an Asian hip-hop artist!

Currently - yes

N'Soul Phil
Only in America

But you never know. Latin Pop - pioneers for the International artists

Interview Overview
Section Descriptions

Listed below is a breakdown of the various sections of this informative 2 hour Internet Chat on people's views of the past, present and future of Asian Pacific American music artists.

We hope that this transcript will provide thought-provoking insights of what it takes to achieve our goals.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by clicking HERE

PART 1 - Past reviews
PART 2 - Hip-hop - Good or bad?
PART 3 - "Asiancentric" sound
PART 4 - What hip-hop teaches
PART 5 - Chicago scene
PART 6 - AA filmmakers
PART 7 - Artist support
PART 8 - A new artist strugges
PART 9 - Going "Indie"
PART 10 - Achieving success
PART 11 - Christian & other music
PART 12 - What hip-hop teaches

N'Soul Phil
EMI has Asian hip-hop around the world - German, Polish, Icelandic . . .

Blue Audio:
I think that an Asian hip-hop artist could prove a sales level that would generate interest from the major labels.

N'Soul Phil
Hard to see the future - as "Yoda Seis"

Jam bands (remember the Grateful Dead?) doesn't need big label support.

Don't Listen to Me
Rock is obsolete; it evolved into rap

How about Phish?

But out of how many "Indie" artists?

N'Soul Phil
Rock is making a huge comeback and is #1 - this week on Billboard.

Don't Listen to Me
Rock is what thieving White people and their imitators do.

Isaac_Liu, in answer to your question - almost every act on the "Jam Band" scene are on "Indie" labels - with no MTV or videos (editor's note: despite the enormous success of bands such String Cheese Incident with a Korean American - Michael Kang singing lead vocals/guitar/mandolin/violin, Phish, Grateful Dead and others - only the Dave Matthews band has had any kind of major exposure on MTV within this genre).

N'Soul Phil
Hip-hop is strong, but not as dominant and just a player. Whereas the Spanish music scene is not a "player" - though sales are huge! Selena sold more records than Madonna - until she passed away. The music played is only American pop by Spanish artists (i.e. J-Lo, Ricky, etc.)

The Internet help the groupies follow from tour to tour in the "Jam Band" scene.

I agree, but it is just a fad

N'Soul Phil
They have no clout in the industry

Don't Listen to Me
Are we trying to produce an Asian Vanilla or a true artist who we can all look up to and respect?

I agree. Is the term "Asian" just going to be a meaningless characteristic or a defining feature?

Don't Listen to Me
There's a ton of good Asian music out there. These guys just aren't getting heard because Asians are too self-hating.

I think that many of the people that you've mentioned are not getting heard because people are not supporting them. If there was a group of people that are in support of them, supposedly like yourself, these artists will get heard.

N'Soul Phil
Asians don't play the political game. They aren't players - too isolated.

Don't Listen to Me
Because Asians are so whipped by the White Man. We need to start embracing our identity.

Your opinion.

Whoever is doing the Asian music directory needs to add Kazuhiro Inaba (solo album on Copper Creek Records) who is a great picker on his self-produced c.d. in the acoustic jam style.

Don't Listen to Me
Anyone here going to the Seattle A.P.I.A.N. Arts Summit this July? Aaron Yamaguichi will film the entire event. It will be an historic event.

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