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TUESDAY: JUNE 26, 2001

Subject: "Asian Pacific American Musicians & Artists

Where are you guys located at?

San Francisco, Yah area.

Can anyone help me with my singing? I sing all types of music from Madonna to Celine Dion - also in Spanish and Vietnamese.

Don't Listen to Me:
Do you sing "pansori?"

What is "pansori?"

Don't Listen to Me:
"Pansori" singing is only done by women.

Interview Overview
Section Descriptions

Listed below is a breakdown of the various sections of this informative 2 hour Internet Chat on people's views of the past, present and future of Asian Pacific American music artists.

We hope that this transcript will provide thought-provoking insights of what it takes to achieve our goals.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by clicking HERE

PART 1 - Past reviews
PART 2 - Hip-hop - Good or bad?
PART 3 - "Asiancentric" sound
PART 4 - What hip-hop teaches
PART 5 - Chicago scene
PART 6 - AA filmmakers
PART 7 - Artist support
PART 8 - A new artist strugges
PART 9 - Going "Indie"
PART 10 - Achieving success
PART 11 - Christian & other music
PART 12 - What hip-hop teaches

Talk to N'Soul Phil in regards to producing your record, Isaac to manage you and Theo to write an article on you.

N'Soul Phil
What kind of help do you need?

I need a start

N'Soul Phil
What kind of start?

A record deal

N'Soul Phil
Do you have a demo? This is the first step?

Blue Audio:
Record deals can be the end instead of the start.

N'Soul Phil
True, true! I encourage people to stay "Indie" as long as they can.

Stay "Indie?" Less record sales - no?

I'm still finishing up my demo

N'Soul Phil
Less sales but more direct profit - unless you are selling in the hundreds of thousands

But less exposure, meaning a shorter life?

I'm in the process of writing a song

I agree that there shouldn't be such a spotlight on hip-hop because it tends to limit the Asian musical horizons.

N'Soul Phil
Not necessarily

Don't Listen to Me:
Staying underground for the sake of staying underground is B.S.; if you a message for the people, it's your duty to come above ground - like Public Enemy or Dead Prez.

In what way?

Same with the spotlight on rap

I would think that going corporate would not only get you heard, but keep your music alive by having more people hear your music

N'Soul Phil
It's much better for the artist not to give away most of their rights to a label until they know what they are getting.

Don't Listen to Me
We don't have to go corporate anymore to get national distribution; it can now all be done on the Internet.

But no cash to market to the outskirts, right?

Don't Listen to Me
We don't have to go through labels

Blue Audio:
I agree - a record deal means the label has to try to recoup. I've done production deals that are less risky for the label and a better experience for the artist.

N'Soul Phil
Labels are just publicity machines that cost money, so if you can do it yourself, it's much better for you. But at a certain level, labels control the fragile eco-system of the business

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