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TUESDAY: JUNE 26, 2001

Subject: "Asian Pacific American Musicians & Artists

MC: We like to start this Internet Chat on the "State of the Asian Pacific American Musicians/Artists." (editor's note: We've provided links to chat's participants, artists and the issues discussed for your convenience.)

Let's get started, I'm the head of Asiatic Entertainment and moderator

Don't Listen to Me:
Don't Listen to Me - another moderator (editor's note: Please be aware that this person doesn't want to be contacted, hence unaccountable to their views. It is not known whether the information provided was to build or to just "stir things up." This person's goals, apparently, were different than the other participants who wanted to provide an informative and factual dialogue to promote the fast-growing Asian Pacific American music communities. This person's original "moniker" has been changed to "Don't Listen to Me." Any reference to anybody not named in this "Chat" does not apply)

Asiatic Entertainment is an Asian-backed company focused on scouting and placing of Asian American hip-hop artists

MC: To get things started, AA Radio, who is one of the other moderators has done many interviews with prominent Asian American artists on his website (editor's note: click HERE to view some of his past interviews) What interviews will we seen in the near future?

Interview Overview
Section Descriptions

Listed below is a breakdown of the various sections of this informative 2 hour Internet Chat on people's views of the past, present and future of Asian Pacific American music artists.

We hope that this transcript will provide thought-provoking insights of what it takes to achieve our goals.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by clicking HERE

PART 1 - Past reviews
PART 2 - Hip-hop - Good or bad?
PART 3 - "Asiancentric" sound
PART 4 - What hip-hop teaches
PART 5 - Chicago scene
PART 6 - AA filmmakers
PART 7 - Artist support
PART 8 - A new artist strugges
PART 9 - Going "Indie"
PART 10 - Achieving success
PART 11 - Christian & other music
PART 12 - What hip-hop teaches

AA Radio:
Interview with Emm Gryner will be forthcoming in a few weeks, then Penn Masala and Lee Pui Ming. Emm was pretty poise during the interview

Who is Penn Masala?

AA Radio:
They are an acapella group from the University of Pennsylvania

What about hip-hop?

It is too difficult for Asians to be successful in the hip-hop game

Don't Listen to Me:
Some people have mentioned that "Hip-hop" is just a black thing and that Asians have no place in hip-hop.

I don't believe so

Don't Listen to Me
Some people have mentioned that Asians ( editor's note: this person probably has the same misguided view that Asian Pacific Americans should be included in his description of "Asians") should start their own version of hip-hop.

This is like saying "classical music" is for the white race."

Don't Listen to Me
Many people think that it is (Editor's note: Please feel free to visit this site's Music Section to review the great number of talented Asian/Asian Pacific American classical artists that are making their own and unique creative statements. Examples include YoYo Ma, Ahn Trio, Bond, Helen Huang, Tan Dun, Midori, Vanessa Mae and countless other examples)

That is B.S. I listen to classical music. Hip-hop is a culture, is it not?

Don't Listen to Me:
Some people have shared that all graffiti in Seoul is in English and feel this is an example of imperialism. (Editor's Note: Though it wasn't stated, this person probably means U.S. imperialism)

DJ Chuang:
Maybe Asians can invent their own genre and hit the spotlights bigtime.

Are you saying that you can graffiti in Korean? Isn't it a preference?

Click HERE to continue.

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