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TUESDAY: JUNE 26, 2001

Subject: "Asian Pacific American Musicians & Artists

DJ Chuang:
So what is an "Asiancentric" sound?

Last time I checked, America was a melting pot of different cultures. I'm born here; I'm American - right?

Don't Listen to Me
Well, I'm working with a DJ ("the Con Artist") who is a Chinese d.j. - who's made beats for Freestyle Fellowship. Right now, he's creating a whole new rhythm that's constructed of samples of traditional Asian folk music (i.e. Vietnam, China, Sri Lanka, Korea, etc.)

Because something "original" usually entails drawing from your own culture, Asians don't want to accept their own traditions - excuse me, OUR own traditions.

Root: true- but hip-hop is not drawing Africa, right? It's an American culture

Don't Listen to Me
Many people believe that "American" is the term the white imperialists gave to this land after they slaughtered the Indians and that this is the European immigrant version of the "New."

Yes, but we're here to discuss "ASIAN (American) music" - right?

Interview Overview
Section Descriptions

Listed below is a breakdown of the various sections of this informative 2 hour Internet Chat on people's views of the past, present and future of Asian Pacific American music artists.

We hope that this transcript will provide thought-provoking insights of what it takes to achieve our goals.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by clicking HERE

PART 1 - Past reviews
PART 2 - Hip-hop - Good or bad?
PART 3 - "Asiancentric" sound
PART 4 - What hip-hop teaches
PART 5 - Chicago scene
PART 6 - AA filmmakers
PART 7 - Artist support
PART 8 - A new artist strugges
PART 9 - Going "Indie"
PART 10 - Achieving success
PART 11 - Christian & other music
PART 12 - What hip-hop teaches

Don't Listen to Me
Hip-hop comes out of the blues and even before that - African music; it's definitely an Afrocentric thing

RootsMusic - that's right

Don't Listen to Me
Well, when are we going to start doing our own "Asiancentric" thing?

Asian American music meaning NOT from Asia, but performers that are Asian by race and living in America.

That seems to me only useful for the Census. ASIAN by race? Does it not have any other defining characteristics beyond color of skin?

Don't Listen to Me
That's why I use the term A.P.I.A.N. (Asian Pacific Islander) or homoapian

I personally think that the American market has finally opened up to international music

AA Radio:
Hmm. What about our friends to the north of us?

Don't Listen to Me
Not Asian by race, but by culture and blood


That's probably the problem. Asians only see race as superficial characteristics without meaning

Don't Listen to Me
Exactly. Cuz we're whitewashed and repressed. Find me one Asian (even one from Asia) who's not completely whitewashed.

No, the blame is more on Asians, I think.

And is whitewashed really a bad thing?

Don't Listen to Me
Even in China, they have western-style clothing and haircuts.

I think it's normal for us to conform to our surroundings

Then why bother having this club (note: Asian American Artistry), why bother calling us Asians?

It's not a bad thing as long as you know where you come from and you hold these values true

Don't Listen to Me
Yes, it's bad to be whitewashed! White people spent the 20th century terrorizing the various nations of the Far East and slaughtering our yellow and brown brothers and sisters! We are the conquered! That's why we are here in Amerikka!

Then don't speak English, speak your mother tongue and go back to your homeland, right? This is YOUR culture, not Asia

I'm not as extreme as you are, Don't Listen to Me. I do, however, attached more meaning to Asian culture.

Don't Listen to Me
It's not about going back. It's about taking Amerikka away from the whites and giving it back to our Red Indian cousins.

Don't Listen to Me
The only way we're really going to build a substantial Asian American market is if we start a nationwide movement that brings Asians into the national consciousness for the first time since Bruce Lee.

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