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TUESDAY: JUNE 26, 2001

Subject: "Asian Pacific American Musicians & Artists

Don't Listen to Me
I believe the next Asian superstar is Dennis Kim (from 2 Tongues), the only Asian m.c. who can match up with the best of the black m.c.'s

Where is 2 Tongues based at?

Don't Listen to Me
They are based in Chicago and not just an incredible group - they're the leaders of the A.P.I.A.N. movement.

Right on.

I think that the next big thing that'll turn people's ears will be out of the "jam band" movement. Next Asian, I should say.

Don't Listen to Me
RootsMusic, you could be right, but right now, Asians need superstars who are poets who have a message for the people - not mute instrumentalists. (Editor's Note: String Cheese Incident is not an instrumental band. Despite this group performing to crowds between 3,500 to 6,000+ people throughout the West Coast in their 250+ yearly gigs they've performed these past few years.)

What rapper is the Messiah?

Don't Listen to Me
Dennis Kim. Bao Phi.

Interview Overview
Section Descriptions

Listed below is a breakdown of the various sections of this informative 2 hour Internet Chat on people's views of the past, present and future of Asian Pacific American music artists.

We hope that this transcript will provide thought-provoking insights of what it takes to achieve our goals.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by clicking HERE

PART 1 - Past reviews
PART 2 - Hip-hop - Good or bad?
PART 3 - "Asiancentric" sound
PART 4 - What hip-hop teaches
PART 5 - Chicago scene
PART 6 - AA filmmakers
PART 7 - Artist support
PART 8 - A new artist strugges
PART 9 - Going "Indie"
PART 10 - Achieving success
PART 11 - Christian & other music
PART 12 - What hip-hop teaches

What message is Dennis Kim m.c.'ing

I'm more interested in talented musicians showing that Asians can pick.

Don't Listen to Me
The message is Yellow Pride; "Asiancentricity;" down with White imperialism!

But Asian d.j.'s don't have any identifiable Asian message.

Don't Listen to Me
That's cuz Asian d.j.'s are spinning Afrocentric music

RootsMusic, I agree. However, hip-hop has a lot of focuses, messages, parties, love, soul, etc.

Don't Listen to Me
A lot of Asian m.c.'s have a message - we just gotta start supporting them!

Isaac_Liu - what I believe is that being Asian is more than a superficial skin tone.

AA Radio:
Takes all kind to reach all kind

Don't Listen to Me
Right now the nationwide Asian community needs leaders. The artists can be those leaders, but that means that Asian art has to start having a MESSAGE for the people.

Not necessarily

Don't Listen to Me
Real hip-hop, in the beginning, was all message oriented.

Get the momentum going by conveying a message that "we're here, strong and ready."

Don't Listen to Me
I think the Bay Area Asian hip-hop scene is just more self-hatred; if it's bad to be whitewashed, isn't it equally bad to be blackwashed? Isn't it best to be just "yellow?" I taught a course on hip-hop at USC in Los Angeles, but I still say that Asians should not be doing hip-hop. (Editor's Note: In light that this person's agenda didn't include providing tangible information, but to stir things up - people should recognize that groups that he's mentioned are very supportive of Bay Area groups such as Asian Crisis, Karmacy and others. In addition, at times this person has advocated hip-hop and not advocated hip-hop. We ask that people carefully consider the source of the information and its consistency to validate its factuality)

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