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Executive Producer of Projekt NewSpeak
Seeks to Create a Movement that is Constantly Evolving and Continuing a New Language and Culture with a
Purpose of Empowering, Inspiring, Uplifting, Creating, Storytelling and Voicing with a Limitless Sense.


US ASIANS: What are the reasons/purposes/goals/passions behind your upcoming NewSpeak SLAM?

What is Projekt NewSpeak?

Launched in the fall of 2004, Projekt NewSpeak became the name for our production company with a purpose to create new and independent art that inspires people of all ages particularly young people. Projekt NewSpeak has goals to break and change stereotypes and images of Asian Americans in the mainstream media through the development, organization and promotion of innovative and thought-provoking art that speaks to the minds and hearts of all people.

We, as an organization, felt the need to create a production company focusing on the development of Asian American art because of the lack of support for Asian American artists, Asian American arts, and new and independent art in general. Furthermore, part of our motivation for creating Projekt NewSpeak has been and continues to be the need to combat stereotypes that negatively affect every Asian American personally and corporately in which Asian Americans are portrayed in mainstream media as perpetual foreigners, model minority uber nerds, money hungry businessmen, buck toothed ninjas and more.


Projekt NewSpeak Website, Weblog, and Videoblog: | |

Projekt NewSpeak works on other things besides the NewSpeak SLAM. Projekt NewSpeak will be soon creating a theatre show...a live theatre festival to be exact. Kind of like a film festival..but a theatre festival instead. And it'll be filmed so that we can put it onto the internet...with the aim of it soon being filmed and broadcasted live via tv or internet.

Projekt NewSpeak will also work on film projects...short films...feature length films...etc. It currently already works on video clips...filming at different events and locations. check out:

What is the NewSpeak SLAM!?
The NewSpeak SLAM! is an Asian American SLAM Poetry Showcase and competition that features up and coming Asian American spoken word, musical and theatrical talent. It is currently the main production of Projekt NewSpeak. Spoken word poetry is an art form in which poetry is performed to the masses, and SLAM is a competition of
spoken word poets. Spoken word poetry is a theatrical performance in which stories of movement, struggle, love, pain, encouragement and inspiration is told through a medium that cannot be categorized. The NewSpeak SLAM! is the venue in which spoken word artists compete for the NewSpeak SLAM! champion title and prize.

Our aim through the NewSpeak SLAM! is to showcase and support talented emerging artists in the Asian American community and beyond. The NewSpeak SLAM! has a specific goal of searching and exposing the best spoken word artists and talented performers.

NewSpeak SLAM! 2
Aratani/Japan America Theater
244 S. San Pedro Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Capacity: 878 Seats
Saturday: April 22, 2006
Starts at 6:00 P.M.
$15 - General / $18 - V.I.P.
Purchase Online at

Based on the 1st NewSpeak SLAM! showcase, Projekt NewSpeak has an audience base of 16-30 year old Asian Americans. Vast majority are young college students and urban professionals. We reach to an Asian American community that includes the business, college, non-profit, and entertainment.

The NewSpeak SLAM! is one event of ours that helps to achieve our overall goals of elevating independent art, exposing new talent and inspiring young people to explore the arts. It's our way of combating stereotypes that have an insidious and sinister way of subconsciously and negatively affecting the minds and hearts of people. We want to provide entertaining, meaningful and inspiring art that impacts people personally, touching them, and combating negative images of Asian Americans.

US ASIANS: What are the requirements/prerequisites to participate in the NewSpeak SLAM! / Asian American SLAM Poetry Showcase and competition of Asian American spoken word, musical and theatrical talent - along with what are the prizes?

The NewSpeak SLAM! has two portions to the show…the competition portion and the guest performance portion. The competition portion highlights spoken word artists…and they compete for a title as the NewSpeak SLAM! CHAMPION and a cash prize of $500. Also, they must be at least part Asian in ethnicity. That requirement is necessary because we have a specific mission for the event, "NewSpeak SLAM!" to support Asian American artists.

The guest performers do not have to be spoken word artists and they also do not have to be Asian. The guest performers can do theatrical skits, or can be musicians, anything and everything. Through the guest performance portion, we want to highlight artists that are talented regardless of ethnicity, but they will not be competing for the cash prize.

US ASIANS: How can people see your showcase and its many artists - along with what people can do to support your company's efforts?

PROJEKT NEWSPEAK'S EDDIE KIM: People will be able to see our showcase once a year…but also there will be DVD's and video clips on our website: |

US ASIANS: Given the demographics of your events (16 - 30 years old Asian Americans - young college students and urban professionals), what can your organization do to motivate them financially support noteworthy and talented Asian Pacific American artists, projects, films, CDs, theater plays, literature, performances, etc. - which is essential for the APA communities to have a voice that the American entertainment industry will listen to?

PROJEKT NEWSPEAK'S EDDIE KIM: Our organization can showcase and feature Asian American artists, short films, skits/plays, performances etc, not only through our events which can give exposure, but also through our internet outreach in which we can highlight their art. Our grassroots efforts have a tremendous outreach into the community.

US ASIANS: As we conclude our interview, could you share which Korean/Asian American leader(s) have been a role model for your personal/business/creative passions and vision?

PROJEKT NEWSPEAK'S EDDIE KIM: My role models include the following people:

  • Do Kim - he's the President of the K.W. Lee Center for Leadership, and he has always been community oriented with a desire to uplift the Korean/Asian American community through advocating for progressive issues. He's the one who first got me to understand how important community empowerment is for my own development and the development of society. He's the one who helped me open my eyes to the social and political issues that affect all of us on a daily basis.
  • PK - he's been a pioneer in really galvanizing the young KA and AA community in grassroots arts and entertainment. He's been a source of inspiration for me and shows constant support for me. I feel that he's built a movement in the arts scene that really inspires young people and has created an entertainment business that is community oriented.
  • My Mom - I took her for granted when I was a kid, but now I see how brave and courageous she is having left her country to start a life in America. As a single mother, she's raised two kids and has worked to financial independence while holding on to her dreams. She never gives up…and her tenacity, courage and positive attitude is awe-inspiring for me.
I've had non-Asian role models/inspirations also:
  • Tony Beckham (African American) - He's been a mentor of mine. He's a minister who really cares for at-risk youth and young people in general. He is a talented individual who is able to tap into and understand the needs of young people and the problems that they face. He knows how to motivate and inspire young people.
  • Malcolm X - His book and his thoughts have provoked me to really study and understand race relations in America. His book was the first book that opened me to study about African American Studies…and it led me to research into the history of Asian Americans. He has definitely been a force that counteracts against all the negative images, beliefs, both conscious and subconscious that affects all minorities. He has been a force that fights self-hatred. And that really inspired me and awakened me to look at my own history and grapple with issues that subconsciously and consciously affect me.
  • Conan O'Brien - He is an example of a regular person who has endured the struggle, negativity and craziness of the entertainment world and come out on top in the comedic late night world…while keeping his humble demeanor and sense of self. I really admire him as a person and an entertainer.
What three words would you say should and/or motivate people to see your upcoming event? What are the event and your company's immediate goals and what needs to happen to confirm that you've achieved these goals?

Our immediate goals are to continue to raise money, produce our theatre showcase, expand our outreach, and continue to diversify our staff and artists. In order to achieve these goals, we continually seek people who want to get involved in our production and find organizations that will sponsor us.
What three words do you feel describes the upcoming event – in all aspects, passion, vision and dreams? What three words do you feel describes you – in all aspects of your character, passion, vision and dreams?


US ASIANS: We, at US Asians, would like to extend our thanks for spending the time in revealing the passions and vision behind your dream. It is our hope that the Asian/Asian Pacific American and American communities will be supportive of your efforts

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