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Executive Producer of Projekt NewSpeak
Seeks to Create a Movement that is Constantly Evolving and Continuing a New Language and Culture with a
Purpose of Empowering, Inspiring, Uplifting, Creating, Storytelling and Voicing with a Limitless Sense.


US ASIANS: Could you share the meaning behind "Projekt NewSpeak?"

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NewSpeak comes from George Orwell's book: 1984. In that book, newspeak was a language that destroyed the old language. It was a language that controlled people and minimized thought and expression. It was very utilitarian in its nature and non-creative. We wanted to spin that meaning and use it in an opposite way. We decided to use "NewSpeak" with the meaning of creating a new language and new culture but with a meaning of empowering, inspiring, uplifting, creating, storytelling, voicing with a limitless sense. It was about creating a movement. And we added the word "Projekt" in order to mean that this creation and movement was a project…it is constantly evolving and continuing. Hence…Projekt NewSpeak.

US ASIANS: What things/purpose/direction/events that separate/distinguishes your company from others in creating roles that break/change images of Asian Americans?

PROJEKT NEWSPEAK'S EDDIE KIM: The first obvious thing would be through our event, the NewSpeak SLAM!. Through that event, we highlight spoken word poetry. Because spoken word poetry has a way of moving people in ways that cannot be categorized as theatre, music, etc., it is very unique in its indefinable way of telling stories that challenge the mainstream images of Asian Americans.

US ASIANS: What separates/distinguishes your company from other notable organizations such as Kollaboration, Asian Rock Festival (NYC), East West Players, Lodestone Theater, FAAIM, Dragon's Roar Music & Arts Festival, Asian Elevation, World Asia's talent contests, GMA's (Filipino television station), Asian Idol Contest Angeles, Stir TV (AZN television show), MTV's "Asian American-targeted" stations, Experimental Entertainment, etc.?

Eddie Kim is the Executive Producer of Projekt NewSpeak, a production company whose mission is to create positive changes in the entertainment community through projects that elevate independent arts, expose fresh talent, and inspire young people to explore the arts and entertainment.

He is also an actor and writer. He's performed at various venues including UC Berkeley, Stanford University, the Kodak Theatre, Scottish Rite Auditorium, and many more.

Prior to working in the entertainment industry, Eddie was the API/Muslim Field Coordinator (State of Michigan) for Democratic National Committee on the 2004 Presidential Election.

He was also a Field Deputy for U.S. Congressman Xavier Becerra, and was also the Director of the 4.29 Dispute Resolution
Center at the Korean American Coalition.

Currently, Eddie spends his time on acting and producing while assisting non-profit organizations such as the K.W. Lee Center for Leadership grow in potential.

PROJEKT NEWSPEAK'S EDDIE KIM: Projekt NewSpeak as a production company really focuses on producing art that makes an impact on the minds and hearts of people. We want to create art that moves and inspires people. We don't want to just do entertainment for entertainment. We want to create entertainment that stirs people's hearts and causes people to think. We want make people laugh and cry.

It's not to say that the organizations do not do that. I'm pretty sure that other organizations have similar goals in mind. However the key difference would be in the events that we produce. For example, one of our events is the NewSpeak SLAM!, our annual slam poetry showcase. I do not think the other organizations mentioned above make a direct emphasis in that genre of art.

We at Projekt NewSpeak feel strongly that spoken word poetry is one genre of art that can make a direct impact on people's hearts and minds through the powerful and inspirational words that a spoken word artist can deliver…and therefore the NewSpeak SLAM! is our showcase that can both entertain and move people.

US ASIANS: Recognizing your work/support for films, could you share and/or define your company's participation (i.e. funding, distribution, casting, promotion, etc.)?

PROJEKT NEWSPEAK'S EDDIE KIM: We have a strong internet based outreach/promotion. Our outreach to spread the word on our events can reach all over the U.S. through the network that we have over the internet.

US ASIANS: Who are the many talented people, and their background, that are part of Projekt NewSpeak?

PROJEKT NEWSPEAK'S EDDIE KIM: The list of people involved with our projected are as follows:

    The 2006 Organizing Team:
  • Hogan Lee, Board Member of APEX, Project by Project; (Korean American)
  • Elliot Lee, Program Coordinator at Korean American Coalition; Staff of Liberty in North Korea (LiNK); (Korean American)
  • Patty Kim, Teacher/LAUSD; (Korean American)
  • Geena Oh, Property Manager at Jamison Properties; (Korean American)
  • Ryan Purugganan, Student at CSUN; (