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From "Fly Girl" to Madonna's "Pole Dancer"
From "Fook Yu" to "Dancing with the Stars"


US ASIANS: Who are your role models in life and business?

Julie Taymour
CARRIE ANN INABA: My role models:
  • Julie Taymour, the director of Titus / Frieda / The Broadway Musical, THE LION KING. She is amazingly talented and has a wonderful sense of movement in her directing. She is able to present grotesque images in a stylized and poignant way. I have always been a fan of her work. She's someone I always think about.
  • My dad is a role model for business. He is unafraid to risk but does so with careful consideration.
  • My mom is a role model for life. She is strong and powerful with kindness wrapped around it all.

US ASIANS: What do you feel is the various responsibilities of people who are looked upon as role models, such as yourself?

  • To give people options on ways of being. To give people choices other than the typical images that sells so many products. I think it is important to help educate people about the façade of our business, to expose the fact that we are all people and in that sense, we are not so different from anyone else.
  • To speak candidly, to inspire . . . But it is also important to remind people that we each have our own persona, our own way of being. And it is our differences that make each of us special, whether they are subtle or not.

US ASIANS: When one views your work (i.e. dance, acting, producing, directing, choreographing, etc.), what impression and/or emotion should the audience be able to receive?

CARRIE ANN INABA: Just that there is emotion. For each person it will be different I hope but I usually often work with joy….from joy to create joy.

Carrie on Accomplishing Goals
"There are so many ways to do it, but basically you just keep trying," she says. "But be realistic and after a while stop knocking on the door that won't open and knock on the ones you're confident will."

US ASIANS: What is a common denominator that one can see in everything that you participate in?

CARRIE ANN INABA: How important movement and the cultivation of movement /and or lack of it is in everything, whether it be posture and the way good posture helps with self esteem, the way body's communicate with each other, the way people can sense themselves if they just let their body's lead every once in a while rather than just their mind. Mind/Body….Body/Mind. I think they are equal in the role they play in our lives and that in general if we nurture our body knowledge/health/movement…etc., we could live even richer more fulfilling lives.

US ASIANS: If a picture can tell a thousand words, which image(s) of you would allow people the privileged of seeing what drives your various passions and loves?

CARRIE ANN INABA: I have this one photo of myself when I am about 2 years old. My dad is holding me up while I am going to the bathroom. I have this look like I'm not sure what's going on here but I should definitely go with it. I love this photo…That is still me.

What three words would best describe the essence of your soul, passion and life - and why?

* Alive * Strong * Weak *
  • I am alive…and I love being alive. Life is beautiful and exciting. I feel that I am strong and then I am weak as well. And it creates a nice balance…I am curious about life and living…and I am grateful that you took the time to have this interview with me.
  • There is so much to say about life. Each day it changes. Subtly, things are always shifting inside of me. I live and learn and change with each breath. I hope it is the same for everyone else as well. That we all live and learn and change and grow…
Good luck with everything. . . . Everything….

US ASIANS: We, at US Asians, would like to extend our personal thanks for the privilege of discovering the many creative passions that drives your artistry through this interview. It is our hope that your willingness to embrace the responsibilities of being a successful "role model" for Asian Pacific Americans and Americans - along with sharing the fire the fuels your creative passions, will be a motivating force for those talented (Asian/Asian Pacific American/American) artists that seeks a blueprint on how to successfully pursue their goals while quickly bypassing Hollywood's "Yellow Ceiling" and/or the general public's perception of the "Asian Mystique." It is our hope that the guidance that you've provided through this interview will develop more visionary artists such as David Henry Hwang, Lea Salonga, Unsuk Chin, Daniel Dae Kim and others for the general public/Hollywood to discover. Your ability to articulate well your views is deeply appreciated and look forward with great anticipation of supporting of your present (i.e. "Dancing with the Stars") and future endeavors (upcoming projects that you are producing).

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