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From "Fly Girl" to Madonna's "Pole Dancer"
From "Fook Yu" to "Dancing with the Stars"


US ASIANS: Could you describe the experience of being at the "GOLD - CARPET" premiere at Universal Studios? It appeared that both you and Diane went to the event "in character!" Many guys must have tossed their phone numbers at both of you?!?!?!

CARRIE ANN INABA: It was a blast. I was with my fiancé and I don't think I noticed anyone tossing phone numbers…It was proud to be with him at the time. (Although we are no longer engaged.)

Could you share your experiences and reaction when the cast recognized your talents in the below-listed situations:

  • Jay Roach and Mike Myers giving you and Diane a round of applause
  • Rewarding - it was nice to have people you respect respecting you. That's the way the world should be.
  • Michael Caine raving about your talent and preparation
  • An honor! AN HONOR!!!

US ASIANS: Describe the many differences of being in "Goldmember" - as oppose to being one of the Felicity Dancers (Felicity Shagwell fembots) in Austin Powers II: The Spy Who Shagged Me?

CARRIE ANN INABA: Well, actually, I had fun on both. Felicity Girls were fun and we had a bigger trailer and I did as a FOOK. (That's just a silly note). We shot three scenes for Goldmember and it was a lot of fun.

US ASIANS: What's the best thing and/or best quality of the character that you played in the film? Is there a little of yourself (i.e. playful, silly, fun, goofy, flirtatious, school girl innocence, craziness, off-the-wall, sexiness, campy, alluring, cute, broad cartoonish characteristics, etc.) in your character - or would want to incorporate into your character (to some degree)?

CARRIE ANN INABA: I think there is a lot of me in FOOK YU. She is just having fun. I loved being Fook Yu, I still am. (I don't where the outfit anymore but that's still me. I'm not going to pretend like it was some major acting role because it wasn't but she's always going to be a part of me..) She's someone I would love to hang out with once in while. She just loves to smile and have fun and the world is a nice happy place to her.

US ASIANS: How did you get the gig on Ricky Martin's "Living La Vide Loca" Promo Tour?

CARRIE ANN INABA: They called me to replace someone on the promo tour.. I actually did not do the WORLD TOUR. They offered it to me and they wanted me to be the dance captain but I thought that I had already done the tour I dreamed of doing (Madonna's Girlie Show). I had other things in mind that I wanted to do. I wanted to finish up school, make a few documentaries, and start my company…Going back on the road wasn't where I wanted to be.

US ASIANS: Who was the choreographer?


US ASIANS: Did you participate in any of Ricky's videos?

CARRIE ANN INABA: I did the "Shake your Bon Bon" video. I don't really like to do videos though - the hours are not good and they are non-union, which means people inevitably get taken advantage of.

US ASIANS: It has been stated that you danced "alongside" Ricky - does this mean that you were one of his featured dancers during the tour?

CARRIE ANN INABA: Well, my self and another dancer were also featured on special spots as his "backup singers" as well.

US ASIANS: How much fun did you have in performing high-intensity salsa moves all night long

CARRIE ANN INABA: We just did the performances we where scheduled to do. We didn't really dance all night long. But I enjoyed working with Ricky because he and I shared a very close friend.

US ASIANS: Could you elaborate on how you used the character "Fook Yu as a stereotype to have fun and to allow more people to know you really are?

CARRIE ANN INABA: What I liked about this was that I think I showed people that it's ok to just have fun. Like I said before, FOOK YU is fun and light, goofy and silly. She is innocent and joyous all at once. And she's a bit clueless… If you watch the additional scenes in the DVD there is another scene where we meet Austin again in Tokyo and we explain that it was all just a funny joke..which I think even makes it funnier.

We were just having a good time. Sometimes I wished that Diane would have more fun. She was a bit more serious about things than I was.

I mean, I definitely spent the time in finding our "TWIN-NESS", helping us to build certain movements that helped us to look more like twins and working on our vocal pitch and accent.

We put the work in but I think when you've put the work in, once you get there, you just have fun. JOY always reads well on camera - ALWAYS!!!!!

Since doing AP3 (Austin Powers 3), I have a new manager, and have had a small voice. Interviews like this have been wonderful for me. I only hope that someone reads this and finds something somewhere in the words that helps them find a way to make their dreams come true as well.

US ASIANS: Which of the below-listed aspect(s) was the most fun aspect of auditioning with Diane for the film roles?

Diane & Carrie

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