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Lizzie McGuire and Beyond
Filipina who says "ARAY" when she gets excited or hurt - instead of "OUCH"


Lizzie McGuire was a popular Disney Channel live tion television show. Its target demographic is preteens and teenagers. (Timeline of the program can be reviewed by clicking HERE) The TV show was created by Terri Minsky. The show's creatively offbeat, mixed media format stood out from the rest of the Disney Channel's programming - and in essence, became the channel's flagship show of its time. The show's producer Stan Rogow says the visual look of the show was partly inspired by Run Lola Run. (from Wikipedia)

PLOT: Lizzie McGuire, a Disney Channel original series, revolves around the ordinary and not-so-ordinary adventures of a junior high student and her two best friends as they try to deal with the ups and downs of school, popularity, boys, parents, a bratty little brother, and life in general. And if Lizzie leaves anything unsaid, you can bet that her cartoon alter-ego will say it for her!
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US ASIANS: How much of Lalaine is in your character "Miranda Sanchez?"

LALAINE: Miranda is an amplified version of Lalaine.

US ASIANS: What factors and/or characteristics (i.e. charismatic, outspoken) that your character "Miranda" displays do you think has really "connected" with your audiences (young and old) and have elevated to you "cult status" within the teen world?

LALAINE: Outspoken, assertiveness and exploring new and interesting things.

US ASIANS: Did your appearance on Lizzie McGuire motivate you to be known as just "Lalaine" from Lalaine Vergara-Paras?

LALAINE: I was Lalaine even before the Lizzie project.

US ASIANS: What was the greatest pleasure of being part of the phenomenal success of Lizzie McGuire?

LALAINE: It was a very unique and life learning experience and I met some great friends.

US ASIANS: How steep and/or difficult was the learning curve in becoming an accomplished actor during your performances in your career in the Broadway production that were part of for almost one year in the role of "Little Cosette//Eponine" in Cameron McKintosh's 1997-98 production of Les Miserables at the age of 10?

LALAINE: It was all exciting. No two performances were ever the same.

US ASIANS: While playing Annette, the lead character in Opera Pacific's musical production of "Brundibar" - what invaluable things did you learn about being the main focus of a production that you've utilized in other programs that you've participated in?

LALAINE: As a child I was touched by the story and felt honored to play the main lead. Again this show reflects how our youthful innocence and love can change our world positively.


Despite filming "Lizzie McGuire" shows five days a week for Disney, her true love of singing finally came to the forefront. She performed a song on an episode of the show, and the producers then offered her to record the title track for the Disney Channel original movie You Wish, in which she had a starring role. Thus began Lalaine's recording career. "You Wish" became a huge hit on Radio Disney, and was in rotation for more than six months.

Radio Disney then asked her to headline a tour, which gave her the chance to perform live for her fans. Lalaine then appeared at Toopalooza, the kid version of Lalapalooza, in which she performed with such teen pop stars as Mandy Moore, Aaron Carter, Jessica Simpson and Nick Cannon, among others.

Her second single, "If You Wanna Rock", was featured in the Disney Channel film, Pixel Perfect, and is also on the soundtrack. She has worked with Billy Burnette (Fleetwood Mac), Robin Lerner (Faith Hill, This Kiss), Tommy Lee James (Brooks & Dunn, Reba McIntire), Meredith Brooks, and Brian Rollins (Enrique Iglesias and Britney Spears) on her debut CD.
For more info, click HERE.

US ASIANS: Could you share how you got the opportunity audition for the Tom Petty's "Walls" music video and how was the experience?

LALAINE: It was like discovering Disneyland for the first time.

US ASIANS: What new directions (i.e. songwriting, styles, singing), skills (production, songwriting) and talents (songs, working with other artists) within yourself are you developing as the result of your experience with your debut c.d.?

LALAINE: I love my music and am presently crazy about my songwriting and where it is taking me. I see life and my loved ones from another angle and love the great people I am working with. I know I cannot ask for anymore.

US ASIANS: You stated that you used to always sing at family parties because you liked it when everyone's eyes were on you - did your performing experiences exceed what you were dreaming about as a child?

LALAINE: Defintely

US ASIANS: On your music tour, do you design any of the clothing seen in your performances?


US ASIANS: Will you be developing a clothing line for teens?

LALAINE: If given a chance

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