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Concert Review of String Cheese Incident

Michael Kang

IMAGINE A CONCERT that started on time, played up to the time curfew, played 3 hours of pure music from just the headlining group at a venue filled with adoring fans that follows them from place to place. Imagine a concert where the fans are standing for the vast majority of the time, singing their songs, dancing to the music and rejoicing to all the recognized songs. Imagine that the performing group not having a major record label support, large promotional support dollars, airplay on radio, videos on MTV and/or appearances on MTV's TRL receiving these accolades. Imagine a concert where entertainment, hype, the latest "rage" or "hit" song and the temporary adoration to the "personality of the week took a back seat to music. Imagine a concert where music would reign!

STRING CHEESE INCIDENT PERFORMANCE at the Greek Theater on August 1, 2001 continued their fast-growing reputation of a group filled with legions of devoted fans that destroys the prevailing stereotypes of how to achieve success. The joy of an audience and artist communicating at the same level was very apparent from the beginning of the concert. Evidence was seen via the audience giving shouts of exuberating to melodies to the recognized songs that provided String Cheese Incident impetus to ever greater musical flights of discovery.

THE GROUP'S COLLECTIVE TALENTS made the anticipated lulls within their 3 hour concert preparations for the various creative surprises from their various improvisational and impromptu musical interludes that was spearheaded by the playing of Kyle Hollingsworth on keyboards, Bill Nershi on guitar and Michael Kang on mandolin/violin/guitar/vocals.

Michael Kang photo was taken by Soren McCarty in 2001 String Cheese Incident's last c.d. entitled OUTSIDE INSIDE Michael Kang photo was taken by C. Taylor Crothers in 2001

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